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For all you reefer smokers getting ready to lay back relax and get smoked out for this years 4/20 Lil’ Friday has a new anthem for you called “Frass’d”.

Lil’ Friday Defines Frass’d as “Juss when ur OD highh… fuckin 5 blunts, junzees n shit”. If you can make sense of that then you can make perfect sense of this headbanger.

Lil’ Friday “Frass’d” is off Roxy Cottontail’s new Mixtape “Cottonmouth”
dropping you guessed it 4/20


LIL’ Friday Performs New Song “HOE” (High On Everything)

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Lil Friday Live “Hoe” from Alysia Mazzella on Vimeo.

NTU FARA x Gotham City TransDisciplinary

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Checkout the Interview and Write up Here:

NEW VIDEO: MeLo-X Cooked Food

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NTU FARA Graces the cover of GrungeCake Magazine (EVENT INFO)

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Come out Tonight and celebrate Grunge Cakes latest Issue featuring our very own NTU Fara.

Lil’ Friday Performs “My Way” @ Mixtape Release Event Last Year

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New Music: Phony PPL – Yellow Glasses (RMX) feat. Lil’ Friday

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If you don’t know who Phony PPL are then your crazy. They are the youngest most talented group of musicians ive ever known. They got together with our very own Lil’ Friday to remix there track Yellow Glasses. Stay tuned for an alternate Remix and catch Lil’ Friday on his Metrocard Tour in February.

Adele x Jamie XX x MeLo-X – Rolling in the Deep Remix

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NEW VIDEO: MeLo-X – Orgasmic Audio

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“Orgasmic Audio” is the second video released from MeLo-X’s critically acclaimed Mixtape “More Merch”. The video captures a sexy but sweet artistic vision exploring the body of model Danielle Phaeton, as she let’s the music take control. In MeLo’s signature style the track incorporates many different elements. Starting with a low fi, glitched up sample of Christopher Williams “I’m Dreaming” from the New Jack City soundtrack and then going into a chopped and screwed version of Kid Cudi’s “In my Dreams” from his first album. This is definitely the theme music to one of those late night creep sessions with your goddess.

Directed by Alysia Mazzella

Starring Danielle Phaeton

DOWNLOAD MORE MERCH HERE:​index/​mixtapes/​entry/​melo-x-more-merch/​