New Mix: Position X


Yo yo  ladies “Position X” is what you get to think about before “Audio Foreplay” (Sonic Intercourse prelude). You might as well download it now for tonight especially if you have some making up to do.  Nah for real, this is a small place MeLo wants to bring you before the big jump.  Stay tuned for more mixes, remixes, videos, dj sets etc……Peace

Created by Visionary Dary

Mixed by MeLo-X

Art Work By Thony Remy

Track Listings:

1. Bieng near you- D.V.S* (00:00)

2. (Only)Reprise + Love Test (Only)- Phaseone (2:54)

3. (A Sweaterless Suite)Phase 2- AFTA-1 & Cazeaux Oslo – M.M.J.S (4:42)

4. Eve (I Need You)- Dwele (6:30)
5. Superheroes (Afta-1 remix)- Esthero (9:22)

6. Aunties lock Infinitum- Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington (12:24)

7. My Day- Joya Mooi ft. Mar (15:05)

8. J.Birly-The Ins X Miles Bonny (17:32)

9. Done It- Jazz Chronicles (20:10)

10. Mega Joy-Kidkanevil (Tokimonsta Usound Bliss Remix) (23:09)

11. Houstatlantavegas SonnyMoon (25:01)

“Sonic Intercourse” coming soon
“Audio Foreplay”(Sonic Intercourse prelude) dropping March.


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