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NTU FARA Graces the cover of GrungeCake Magazine (EVENT INFO)

February 24, 2011

Come out Tonight and celebrate Grunge Cakes latest Issue featuring our very own NTU Fara.



July 28, 2010

NiKKi NTU vs. Brainfeeder: Medulla Dinner is not your usual Ep so here is NiKKi’s EPK. NiKKi goes in depth on how she was able to put together this unique project as well as collaborating with photographer King Texas and director Thony Remy on the visuals. Shouts to “Cuz We Said So Radio” (Holley & DJ Will Gates) for the love.

NiKKi NTU Medulla Dinner EPK:
Directed by Thony Remy

Download NiKKi NTU vs. Brainfeeder: Medulla Dinner


July 14, 2010

Ever since the release of Nikki NTU‘s “A History of Dreams EP” last year the internet and streets have been buzzing about this young female Emcee from Brooklyn. Nikki NTU always amazes us here at GALAX. She paints such vivid pictures through words. Her lyrics incorporate so much knowledge wisdom and understanding. She also has a Fierce competitive side that shows when she delivers her more harder music. This can be considered Experimental Hip Hop but its so much more. It is World Music, A Universal Uprising for the Masses.

Here is her new project where she gets open over some of her and our favorite Brainfeeder beats. We have a big appreciation for the arts and the talents of beat smiths world wide. This is Nikki’s own personal dedication to the masters of that art.

Here is what she had too say

“For the past few months I’ve been working to the sounds of some of Brainfeeder’s greatest masterminds. Nikki NTU vs. Brainfeeder “Medulla Dinner” is a seven track EP featuring production from Ras G, Samiyam, Teebs, and Flying Lotus. It was definitely a challenge to take on such amazing music so I wanted to go where I haven’t gone both lyrically and conceptually. A big thank you to King Texas, MeLo-X, Timothy Jack, Visionary Dary and the whole Galax team for the support and great work. I hope you enjoy!”

Download the Album Here for free

1- Dinner Plate (Prod. Teebs- “BERN RHYTHM [Codeine Version]” )
2- Time Lords (Prod. Flying Lotus- “Dirty Chopsticks”)
3- Upper Managment (Prod. Ras G- Untitled)
4- Lady of The Tower (Prod. Flying Lotus- “Recoiled”)
5- Tabuoli Feat. MeLo-X (Prod. Flying Lotus- “Beginners Falafel”, & Samiyam- “Falafel Cannon”)
6- Pelican Fly (Prod. Teebs- “Why Like This”)
7- Sat-A-Lite (Prod. Flying Lotus “Satellite” Ending Redit by MeLo-X)